Following their award for Best Metal/Hardcore Album at The Independent Music Awards and extensive UK tour earlier this year, the self-produced group Esprit D’Air sees no signs of stopping, as they have just dropped their new single and music video titled Calling You, and recently announced their European tour beginning in September.

Take a look below as we exclusively premiere Esprit D’Air’s brand new music video for Calling You. We have also sat down with the vocalist and guitarist, Kai, to catch up with the band on their latest activities. The full interview can be found underneath the video.

You guys have been really busy since you released your comeback single Rebirth in 2016. From releasing your album Constellations in 2017 to being nominated for two awards and even winning one of them, how does it make you feel?
We did not expect everything to move so fast, but we’re really happy with where the band is going. It feels like everything is going in the right direction. It really makes up for the brief time we were active in 2010—2013.

Tell us about your new single and the music video
Calling You was an enjoyable song to write and sing. I play some piano on the track which adds a bit more color and emotion. It is written in time signatures 6/8 and 3/4, which makes it waltz-y. Calling You is a song people can relate to if they have lost a loved one but find it difficult to move on because they keep having memories of them. It was played on BBC Radio for the first time last week.

The music video was shot in London. Ellis and I took part in directing the initial idea of the video, and our videographers at Room.C Photography brought it to life and arranged all the shots and locations. The lyrics depict a story in a city, so we thought it was only appropriate to film it in a city too. It was the first video we shot outdoors too, and it’s very cold in London!

So how was the UK Constellations tour in February?
Well, we toured across almost the whole of the UK, which was amazing and I visited cities which I have never been to before. I had the best memories from that tour and I met so many fans that I never thought we had, so it was a really nice experience. Every city and crowd was different and unique in their own way, and they were all so dedicated. One of the highlights for me was playing at The Underworld in London—the venue was a dream for me to play because a lot of the bands I love play there.

Source: Room.C Photography

We don’t see a lot of J-rock bands go to Spain. What’s sparked interest there, and how did the decision to tour Europe come about?
Earlier this year, we asked our fans to vote which countries and cities for us to play in, and that based our decision on where to tour next. Spain was one of the popular choices and we used to tour there. It will be our first visit to Spain since our last visit six years ago. We decided to book a European tour because I don’t think the Constellations tour should end so soon. I am really proud of the work we have done on the album, and I want us to take it further.

I would love to do a world tour. We did receive a lot of requests to go to the US, Mexico, and South America too, but it is just not possible at the moment. As a self-signed band, we have some restrictions on finances because we have chosen to do everything ourselves without major label support. It means we have to work harder, but I am not going to stop no matter what.

So does committing to the DIY-ethos get more difficult to manage as you get more popular?
Yes, there are difficulties. It is a lot of work to not only produce our own tracks but to promote our own shows and music too. If you are in a breaking band, you can understand how difficult it is, especially in today’s music industry climate where there really isn’t a lot of money in it.

At the same time, we like having absolute control over what our music sounds like, the production of our merchandise, and we also enjoy communicating with our fans directly. In a major label, you have a whole team working on your recording, production, website, marketing, and social media, but we do all of it ourselves. Our journey and the path we chose is tough, but it doesn’t mean we are not enjoying it! We want to make this work on our own.

Source: Room.C Photography

Do you have any advice or tips for musicians that want to hit the road and do it themselves?
My advice is to just do it. It was a scary thing when we booked the 7-day UK tour. Six of those days were without a promoter. However, it really helped us grow as a band and really learn from the experience. Fortunately, our UK tour was successful, but bands have to work hard.

While on tour, it’s important is to stay healthy and have plenty of sleep—especially if you are a vocalist. There are a lot of rock bands who party after shows until the next morning, but we don’t do that because we want to give our best performance. I was drinking lemon and ginger tea, eating healthy, and had Vocalzone to take care of my voice for most of the tour.

We have noticed your drummer Daishi doesn’t appear in the music video. What happened with that?
Daishi has been a key member of Esprit D’Air between 2010-2013 and also at the very start of our ‘rebirth’ in 2016. Unfortunately, he has been understandably very busy lately and has not played a show with us since April 2017. We’re still in great terms, but he will be taking an indefinite break from the band while we will carry on producing music and touring.

Our touring member Jan-Vincent Velazco from Pendragon has covered the drums when Daishi could not do shows, and naturally, it may become a permanent fixture for now. Jan-Vincent has been awesome and is great company on tour.

Source: Room.C Photography

What can you tell us about your touring member Ryo?
I saw Ryo play at a show one time in 2016 and thought he was amazingly talented. I asked him there and then if he wanted to play in Esprit D’Air. We invited him to play a couple of shows in Paris and London and he has been great. I only found out the other day that Ryo’s aunt is a famous Japanese bossa nova guitarist signed to Universal Music Group. Maybe his talent runs in his family.

Sounds like you guys have a great line-up right now and it’s working. Other than the European tour, what’s next for you?
We will be working behind the scenes creating new music, and busy writing new stuff. I will be in the studio recording and mix some new tracks while we promote our new single, too.

Great! Thank you so much for speaking with us.


We hope you enjoyed reading the exclusive interview and music video premiere. Be sure to catch them on tour when they are in Europe. Tickets for the Barcelona and London show are already on sale via SeeTickets.

Constellations Europe Tour 2018

September 8 — La Nau, Barcelona, Spain
September 12 — Boston Music Room, London, UK
September 13 — Le Klub, Paris, France
September 15 — AVO J-Music Festival, The Hague, Netherlands

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