Otomekokka is on a mission: to gain new fans! The six-member group uploaded their first music video for the track Yuke, Susume, Heitai-San (ユケ、ススメ、兵隊サン) that is to be featured on their fourth single of the same name. The single is currently available for pre-ordering, and it will be released in just a few weeks, on February 28.

With this release coming up, we will introduce this band to you! Otomekokka started activities in 2014 under the name “Exotic Short Hair”. The following year, the band changed their name to “Otomekokka” (乙女国家). The members consist of vocalist mister (ミスター), guitarists hal (はる.) and keitarou (慧太朗), bassist JR, drummer Orochi (おろち), and arumi (アルミ), who takes the position of all instruments.

The music video for Yuke, Susume, Heitai-San has the members alternating their performance outside and within a garage-like building with ornamental banners. The members are also seen armed and aiming at something unknown to us viewers. Alongside the vocalist, the other members provide background chants to fuel the fire to their battle. You can view the music video below.

You can take a look at the members’ new look for the single as well!

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Yuke, Susume, Heitai-San (ユケ、ススメ 、兵隊サン)

Regular edition


  1. Yuke, Susume, Heitai-San (ユケ、ススメ 、兵隊サン)
  2. Sawaritai (触りたい)
  3. Kinlands (キンランドンス )

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