POIDOL, the newest band to join GOEMON RECORDS, will release their first single Sapphire on January 17 and you can already hear the full version of the title song in the band’s first music video!

The type A and type B edition will both have Sapphire, followed by Shukusei Elegy, which is also readily available to listen to but in a lyrics video variant. However, the third track will be different for each with Senkou and Moumoku Matchmaker respectively.

Late last year saw GOEMON RECORDS uploaded a series of videos in anticipation of POIDOL and released lyric videos for Iolite and Moumoku Matchmaker. The band also released their “0th” single simply titled POIDOL-EP, with tracks such as Yonayona Baka o Miru, the previously mentioned Iolite, Pinkie In The Dark, and LIVING DEAD., in that order.

POIDOL-EP was limited to strictly 1000 free copies and only available to pick up in stores such as little HEARTS., Like an Edison, Brand-X, and Jishuban Club, to name a few. It was decided that a second press would be made available soon after.

They also managed to sell out their Christmas Eve live at Takadanobaba AREA, titled ICE BOXXX, where they performed alongside FEST VAINQUEUR, label-mates Pentagon, and DOG in the PWO.

Check out the music video for Sapphire, lyric videos for Iolite and Moumoku Matchmaker and their most recent artist photos below!


Edition A


  1. Sapphire (サファイア)
  2. Shukusei Elegy (粛清エレジー)
  3. Senkou (閃光)

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Edition B


  1. Sapphire (サファイア)
  2. Shukusei Elegy (粛清エレジー)
  3. Moumoku Matchmaker (盲目マッチメイカー)

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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Official Website
Twitter (Nana Ayase)
Twitter (Souta Nagi)
Twitter (Ran Ayase)
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