On October 18, MIZTAVLA published an announcement on their home page, in which they revealed that their drummer, Fumiya, who had been ill for some time, tragically and suddenly passed away three days prior.

This information may come as a shock to fans, as it has to everyone who knew him. We have translated the band’s announcement and the members’ heartbreaking, heartfelt messages to Fumiya; you may read them below.

Fumiya’s last tweet and photo on Twitter.

MIZTAVLA’s official message:

An important message to everyone

MIZTAVLA’s Fumiya, who had been suffering from an illness previously, fell unconscious due to a worsening state of the illness; he never regained consciousness and on October 15th 2017 he suddenly passed away.
Due to the bereaved family’s wishes, we will withhold the name of the illness.

Today, the grieving family has calmed down a little bit, and we have been asked to relay this information to fans and all of the people involved with the band. We sincerely apologize for the delay in bringing you the information.

The members and the staff have not yet been able to process this sudden incident.
Also, according to the family’s wishes, the funeral will be held only among the close relatives.

Everyone who has supported Fumiya’s activities, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Regarding MIZTAVLA’s future activities, we will issue a statement at a later date.

October 18, 2017


Riuki’s message:

I’m really sorry that this announcement is so sudden.
To be honest, I myself am still in a state where I can not accept this sudden happening as fact.

I was with him more often than anybody else, we talked about so much stuff,
he was a dear friend to me who’s been with me through fun times, and hard times, and sad times.

Anytime I was troubled by something, he noticed immediately,
and with casual concern asked me, “Are you alright? Did something happen?”,
with such underlying kindness.

No matter how much we fought, the next day he would strike up a conversation cheerfully,
even now I still feel like I will just hear him say “Morning” to me, like always.

The news are so awful this time,
I think that I have caused the staff and fans who have supported us anxiety and worry.
I’m really sorry.

To Fumiya

You told me that from here on, we should become even better opposing forces on stage.

Somehow it still seems like you’ll say “Rikkun’s here!”,
I can not really reach closure.

There might be no more deep talks and your mmhs and aahs,
but Fumiya, I will never forget the things that you taught me.

And Fumiya, let’s stand on stage together again one day.
Then you’ll be able to count on me again.


Kou’s message:

I’m sorry. Time has stopped completely,
I am unable to think about anything.
We were always together, every day,
and I’m here thinking that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, always,
he would tell me again, “Morning, Kou-chan”;
Fumiya’s scent still lingers in the equipment car,
I can not believe anything, I can not feel anything.

To be honest, I can’t really talk well right now.


Hiryu’s message:

I’m sorry.

To be honest, I am still unable to accept the reality that Fumiya is gone.

The live on October 14 had ended, and approaching the next live on the 15th,
we said to each other, “See you tomorrow! Thanks for today!”—that became the last time that we spoke…

When just the other day, on September 19, we finished the first anniversary live
and we all spoke about how we’ll keep giving it our best going forward.
I still can’t believe it, I don’t want to believe it.

To Fumiya

This kinda sudden farewell, huh?
Since the 15th I have just been crying all the time.

Do you remember how you invited me to drink recently,
just the two of us, and we talked about how we’d do this and do that?

When you told me, “Hii-kun, I really like your stage presence, you know~”,
I was so happy.

I don’t know what I should say now, but
the drums that you loved so much,
please play them as much as you like.


yuri’s message:

After this sudden incident, I still feel like I may receive a message like “When will we do a rhythm squad practice?” as normal
At the moment, I can not accept this reality very well.

Looking back at MIZTAVLA members,
Fuumin, you were the first one that I met,
and you were the reason I met the others, too.
I was awful at driving, and even if you said that it can’t be helped, you still so kindly taught me how to drive.
When I was struggling with band stuff, you were so concerned,
to the point that you abandoned what you were doing and came over to my place, worried.
You were so caring like that, you have helped me over and over again.
Thank you, really.

As we can not be the rhythm squad together anymore, it’s going to be harsh.
Please keep playing drums, if you will, even over there.
I think it will be a while,
but before we meet again, I want to become such a good bassist that I will surprise you,
so that we can hang out together, then.
For now, thank you for everything.


We would like to heartfully send our deepest condolences to Fumiya’s friends, family, and bandmates. May Fumiya rest in peace.

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