A week before the scheduled release of the album CLUB FLEURET on October 11, LIPHLICH drop the final preview bomb: a compilation of audio previews for the entire setlist.

The music video for the album’s titular song FLEURET has been freely available on YouTube for some time now; this time, LIPHLICH offer us a look into the album in its entirety.

People who feared that LIPHLICH may deviate from their usual characteristic jazzy sound way too much, fear no more! It may seem so if the only song one listens to is FLEURET, however, the album delves into a variety of styles, encapsulating lighter, jazzy and balladic songs as well as tracks with a new, much heavier and aggressive approach. Each song seems to offer up enough opportunities for Kuga to show off the impressive power of his voice, as well as his characteristic vocal phrasing which, admittedly, may be an acquired taste to some. The mature and polished sound of the instrumental side of each track is quite impressive as well, be it Wataru’s heavy bass, Kobayan’s complimentary drums, or Takky’s skillful guitar shredding.

Have a listen below!


How do you like LIPHLICH in this heavy and more impactful form?

If you like what you hear and would like to purchase the album, do not hesitate! It appears to be popular; the first press free poster bonus on CDJapan is already sold out!



  1. CLUB[F]
  3. F no Jirai (Fの地雷)
  4. Condor to Quintet (コンドルとクインテット)
  5. Un deux trois – you die (アンドゥトロワ・ユーダイ)
  6. Keystone (キーストン)
  7. Sho (書)
  8. Diamond no 4P (ダイヤの4P)
  9. Furachi (不埒)
  10. RIDE ON ME
  11. Hollow (ホロウ)
  12. saying

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