Just a few days after revealing the full info on their upcoming album, CLUB FLEURET, which releases on October 11, LIPHLICH are back to rock your pants off! This time it’s with a full music video for the album’s titular song, FLEURET, that they revealed on their official YouTube channel to promote the album’s release.

Even according to the members, LIPHLICH is a band that is constantly in the state of evolution.
Being known as a more jazzy, soft rock band, rather than anything hard, they have been experimenting with incorporating harder elements of rock into their music since their 2016 album, Hatsumei, steadily evolving their sound. We can not yet say whether this new harder sound is yet another musical experiment on their side, or a new direction they are taking the band in. We’ll have to wait and see!

The music video is nothing like what you’d expect from the flashy photoshoot that preceded it, showcasing the new look. However, its subdued tone matches the song perfectly; this time, LIPHLICH shoot for wooing you with their supremely improved musical skills, rather than their looks.

They nail the rock sound perfectly, letting each member shine with their respective skills. The song is delightfully guitar-heavy and blends in all the members’ parts smoothly, letting Kuga’s characteristic vocals shine through.

No slow beginnings—FLEURET punches you in the face right at the start; it may caress you sensually throughout its gentle verses, but it will not let go until the very end.

Take a listen below!


What do you think about LIPHLICH’s new song and sound? If the music video got you hooked for the album, you can find links to where you can pre-order it down below.



  1. CLUB[F]
  3. F no Jirai (Fの地雷)
  4. Condor to Quintet (コンドルとクインテット)
  5. Un deux trois – you die (アンドゥトロワ・ユーダイ)
  6. Keystone (キーストン)
  7. Sho (書)
  8. Diamond no 4P (ダイヤの4P)
  9. Furachi (不埒)
  10. RIDE ON ME
  11. Hollow (ホロウ)
  12. saying

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