The ladies from SHISHAMO are back with their latest music video for the title track of their new single BYE BYE and boy, is it a good one!

This is to be the band’s sixth single and we can already tell that BYE BYE is a great track with a prominent jazz influence. From a funky opening bassline to sassy vocals and flamboyant piano interjections, the indie trio demonstrate that they can definitely pull off some major old school groove and incorporate it with their own modern musical style. In other words, it is an effortless blend of energy throughout the song’s verses and transforms into a melodic and emotional chorus that will surely grab your attention.

The fuss-free music video showcases the three members of the band performing in a rehearsal space while surrounded by magnanimous flashy lights. Furthermore, there’s a natural spontaneity that is quite refreshing and manages to highlight as much of the band’s body language and facial expressions as possible . It’s quite simplistic yet dynamic at the same time, which balances out well with the lively style of the song and doesn’t detract from it.

In addition to all the afore-mentioned reasons why we think BYE BYE is a great track, an important titbit is that the music video has already amassed over 500,000 views on youtube, which can already attest to its being a great hit!

If you’re considering checking it out, you’ll be happy to know that the single with its two tracks will be released on August 2. The band have also announced a Japan tour this upcoming November.

Has SHISHAMO’s single piqued your interest yet? Please check out the music video above and let us know what you think!




  1. BYE BYE
  2. Egao no omajinai (笑顔のおまじない)

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