After dropping a mini-album just this June, FIXER is not stalling and will be releasing a new single this autumn, titled Linaria to Lobelia! The single is comprised of two songs – Linaria and Lobelia, featuring two extra songs on DVD. It will go on sale in stores on September 27. People who will be attending the band’s live on August 23 will be able to purchase the CD at the venue in advance which is limited to 1000 copies.

A full music video for the first song Linaria has already been released on Starwave Records’ official YouTube channel—you can watch it above in its entirety!

Unlike FIXER’s usual works that are full of the sound of shredding guitar riffs and energetic electronic undertones accompanied by Jey’s wailing vocals and raspy screams, the newest single appears to have a more subdued, undeniably balladic sound. It serves as a stark contrast to the demonic look that accompanies the song.

Contrasts are prominent in the music video for Linaria as well. The band members, who have donned horns of various shapes and appear in the video clad in all black, are juxtaposed against pale white backgrounds, appearing in them as if out of place. The second song picks up more of the band’s characteristic energy and underlines the vocals with a more raw and harsh sound laced with screams and electronics in certain passages.

Aside from the full music video for the first of the two songs, Linaria, Starwave Records also provides an audio preview for both of the titular songs, Linaria and Lobelia; listen to it in the video below!

Check out FIXER’s hellish and horny look for the single:

Vocalist Jey

Guitarist Yuhma

Bassist 70.

Drummer Korey

Guitarist Aika

Linaria to Lobelia (リナリアとロベリア)


  1. Linaria (リナリア)
  2. Lobelia (ロベリア)


  1. Azalea (アザレア)
  2. hollow

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