LIPHLICH is on a roll and does not seem to have any intention of slowing down. After their violence-themed single Vlack April that was released on April 19, their new single Youki na Noir finally hits the stores on June 26! For this particular piece of work, the theme shifts from violence to film noir—a somewhat recurring theme throughout LIPHLICH’s discography.

As per usual, LIPHLICH play on their strong point of being able to dance between various music genres, while still retaining their characteristic “entertainment rock” style.

The single’s title song of the same name, Youki na Noir, is paired with a characteristically light-hearted music video, this time in the style of film noir, reminiscent of days long past. LIPHLICH once again prove themselves to be masters of the craft of blending the band’s musical and visual aspects and have them complement each other perfectly.

The band cites the Japanese “Group Sounds” music genre (a style of classic rock popular in Japan in the 60’s that paved the way for modern Japanese rock) as the musical inspiration for this particular single. Songs Hanare hito and Shinda me wo shita otoko also masterfully utilize brass instruments for a very grand and old-timey feel.

The band shall not stop here though! The single is just out and they have already got an acoustic and rockabilly themed tour planned for September; they have also just announced their plan to release a new album, titled CLUB FLEURET, on October 11! It will be immediately followed by a tour of the same name to promote it. No further information on the album has come out yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

For now, check out the cheerful yet classy music video for Youki na Noir in the video above! You may also check out the audio previews for the other songs on the single in this promotional preview from the band’s YouTube channel!

Check out the band’s dapper new look for the single:

Bassist Shindou Wataru

Drummer Kobayashi Takaaki

Guitarist Arai Takayuki


Vocalist Kuga Shingo

In case you haven’t had enough and would fancy a nice slice out of the band’s general discography, LIPHLICH has recently released a 33-minute-long studio medley video compiling seven songs that provide a nice insight into the band’s work. You can watch it right here!

Youki na Noir


  1. Youki na Noir
  2. Hanare hito
  3. Shinda me wo shita otoko

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