The four-member visual kei band Canival is set to release their 2nd single Bubetsushimasu (侮蔑します。)  on August 23. The new single contains three songs and is released in one edition.

Along with the single announcement, Canival has uploaded a song trailer where you’ll be able to hear a preview of all three songs. To get an idea of Canival’s sound, please give it a listen below!

Canival has been around since 2013, under the name Hiz, but they changed their name to Canival on  March 2016. The band’s sound hasn’t seen any drastic change with the name change but their look has gradually darkened—apart from guitarist Haruya’s hair.

Take a look at their new look below!

Vocalist Siki (志輝)

Guitarist Haruya (はるや)

Guitarist Kosukё

Drummer Luvia

Bubetsushimasu (侮蔑します。)

Regular edition


  1. Bubetsushimasu (侮蔑します。)
  3. Zasetsu (挫折)


More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Siki) (志輝)
Twitter (Haruya) (はるや)
Twitter (Kosukё)
Twitter (Luvia)
Instagram (Luvia)

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