Around two weeks ago we saw Arlequin upload a song preview trailer for their new single Kachikan no Chigai wa Yuiitsui no Sukui Datta which came out on June 7. Now that day has come, and so the band have released the full music video for it! Check it out above!

The video shows the band performing said song around a revolving camera that cuts to a close-up shot of each member a number of times. It also has vocalist Aki smashing up monitor screens with an acoustic guitar, sitting down in between them, or alongside walking aimlessly as he passionately sings.

Do you have your copy yet? If so, what do you think of this song in particular? Go ahead tell us in the comments!

Kachikan no Chigai wa Yuiitsui no Sukui Datta


  1. Kachikan no Chigai wa Yuiitsui no Sukui Datta (価値観の違いは唯一の救いだった)
  2. Hakushi cho (白死蝶)
  3. SynonyM
  4. blind bud
  5. fiction
  6. Eclipse
  7. Sou (像)
  8. Namida no Ato (ナミダノアト)
  9. Stella (ステラ)
  10. Dame Ningen (ダメ人間)
  11. Mune no Uchigawa ni Yadoru Iki (胸の内側に宿る息)
  13. Hakaana (墓穴)
  14. Apotosis
  15. Libido (リビドー)

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