Lack-co. have announced—albeit a few weeks ago—that they will release a one-coin single titled Dobunezumi Sanka on June 28 and have also revealed a music video preview for Ekitai.

The transitions go between the band rocking out in an empty swimming pool and dressed up in bloodied school uniforms while vocalist Tenten is accompanied by a monkey on his arm as he sings the lyrics.

This kind of single normally only include the title track but there is a limited edition available which will have an additional song, Aritokirigirisu and comes with the music video and off shoot for Ekitai.

It should be noted that Ekitai can be found on their first single, Mushiri Chocolate. This is not re-recorded or remastered version of the song from what we can gather.

Check out their new artist photos and music video preview!

Artist photo for “Dobunezumi Sanka”

Vocalist Tenten (てんてん)

Guitarist SAN

Guitarist milk

Bassist Ivy

Drummer higiri

Dobunezumi Sanka

Regular edition


  1. Dobunezumi Sanka (溝鼠讃歌)

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

Limited edition


  1. Dobunezumi Sanka (溝鼠讃歌)
  2. Aritokirigirisu (蟻とキリギリス)


  1. Ekitai (液体) Music Video and Offshoot

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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