DIAURA will release a double A-side single very soon titled Noah/Shangri-La in two editions on June 28. It was about time, as we were expecting some kind of announcement at their sixth-anniversary performance back in February.

Noah is in regards to the biblical story, Noah’s Ark while Shangri-La, a word that is used by artists and bands all the time, refers to a fictional place described in the novel, Lost Horizon.

The regular edition has three songs in total with Ransei Dystopia being the third while limited edition has only the title songs and a DVD with the music video for both! Check for more information in the store links below!


Regular edition


  1. Noah
  2. Shangri-La (シャングリラ)
  3. Ransei Dystopia (乱世ディストピア)

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Limited edition


  1. Noah
  2. Shangri-La (シャングリラ)


  1. Noah music video
  2. Shangri-La (シャングリラ) music video

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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