Many fans of X Japan are aware that members of this legendary band suffer from a variety of health issues, with the most recent being Pata who fell ill in 2016 leading to the postponement of their London Wembley tour. We have now found that YOSHIKI will be undergoing emergency cervical artificial disc replacement surgery on Tuesday, May 16 in Los Angeles. This surgery means that an artificial cervical disc will be inserted between two vertebrae bones in the neck to replace a damaged disc which hopes to help with the quality of life and ability to perform everyday tasks and sounds incredibly painful.

Readers may have noticed and seen him wear a neck collar during drumming performances to support his neck and spine in the past thanks to his aggressive drumming style. This is not there first time he has had surgery as he has once underwent a cervical laminectomy (a surgical procedure to relieve pressure on the spinal cord due to spinal stenosis where bone spurs press against the spinal cord) and a cervical foraminotomy (treatment for pressure on one or more spinal nerves in the neck) back in 2009. All X Japan performances in May will be cancelled, and further details and announcements to come for the shows in July and  the Yoshiki Premium Dinner Show dates in August and September.

All in all, we wish the best of luck for his surgery and hope Yoshiki recovers soon! Health is much more important compared to anything else in the world.


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