umbrella has revealed a music video for the title track of their upcoming single Frontier, which goes out on sale on May 17. Furthermore, the band has just announced the release of a new live-distribute CD titled Loop. Said CD will only be available at their live at Takadanobab AREA to be held on November 12.

The music starts with a rock guitar riff and continues with Yui’s powerful vocals synchronizing with the instrumentals, however, it suddenly flows into a beautiful melodic chorus. The whole vibe of the songs reminds us of Plastic Tree’s earlier days, and if we were to be specific, the main guitar riff starting at the 26 seconds mark sounds alike Plastic Tree’s May Day from their 1998 album Puppet Show.

Listen to the previews of the b-sides in the video digest below:

umbrella in their new look

Vocalist and guitarist Yui (唯)

Guitarist Shu (柊)

Bassist Hal (春)

Drummer Sho (将)


Regular edition


  1. Frontier
  2. Haiki (ハイキ)
  3. Slow Rain (スロウレイン)

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Yui)
Twitter (Shu)
Twitter (Hal)
Twitter (Sho)
Blog (Yui)
Blog (Shu)
Blog (Hal)
Blog (Sho)

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