Buying interesting Japanese snacks and food is no easy task when you live outside of Asia, and so we’ve decided to put a list together for different websites you can buy or subscribe to. Hopefully, you will find these related to your interests in Japanese culture. We’ve searched the web high and low, searching for the best places to shop for Japanese snacks online. Every site we have listed ships anywhere in the world, so let’s check them out.


Japan Fun Box


Japan Fun Box is a snack box subscription service that is based in Japan and each box includes a hefty variety of snacks from Japanese crisps, biscuits, ramen to other really obscure items we’ve never heard of. The amazing thing about Japan Fun Box is that they label and describe everything in great detail on the blog and also a downloadable PDF each month.

There’s three sizes you can pick from; the “mini” box is great for the curious minded to find new snacks, the “original” is perfect for snacking on through the week and also as a gift, and the biggest one “family”. The original and family box includes special items which could be a Japanese toy, gachapon toy, special DIY, drink, adult candy and also premium quality noodles (ramen, udon, soba, and yakisoba etc). You can cancel the subscription easily using our site which is perfect for one-off orders. Check out the site for more details.


Buy Japan Fun Box

Products: 5-30 items per box
Subscription price range: $14.99-$49.99 /month
Monthly plan: Limitless
Shipping to: Worldwide (free)



Box From Japan

Box From Japan is similar to Japan Fun Box above being based in Japan but boasts an even bigger range for you to choose from. As well as the standard small, medium and large Japanese snack subscription which they’ve given names of Japanese icons, you can choose specific sets for Pocky, DIY ‘Popin cooking’ sets, or ramen. Recently they have added limited one-off Pokemon boxes for fans that include a plush Pikachu and Pika-ramen. We advise you check out their site to see the selection as writing does not do it justice.




Buy Box From Japan

Products: 4-24 items per box.
Subscription price range: $13-$33 /month
Monthly plan: limitless
Shipping to: Worldwide (free)


Japan Candy Box


Japan Candy Box is a subscription service for boxes filled with a carefully selected mix of quirky Japanese snacks and sweets. From their past boxes, it seems they pack miniature versions of the snacks so you get to try out as many new sweets they as they can fit into the box. This sounds great for people trying to find something new to try. The 1-month plan can be canceled anytime so you can send one to yourself to try before subscribing for the long run.

Buy Japan Candy Box

Products: 10 handpicked candies & snacks
Subscription price range: $18.20-$19.00 /month
Monthly plan: 1, 3, 6, 12 month plan.
Extra: Automatic entry to Japan Candy Megabox raffle, valued over $100.
Shipping to: Worldwide (free)


Kawaii Box


Kawaii Box is a little different to the regular Japanese snack boxes as they include cute stationery, toys, and accessories with each box. So far they have sent out the softest characters socks, coin pouches, key rings, card wallets and a variety of snacks include Caramel Corn, Choco Panda cookies, and Pocky. Check out their past boxes to get an idea of what they include. Each box includes 10 handpicked kawaii items and snacks.

Buy Kawaii Box

Products: 10 handpicked candies & snacks
Subscription price range: $20.90-$24.90 /month
Monthly plan: 1, 3, 6, 12 month plan.
Extra: Automatic entry to Kawaii Megabox raffle, valued over $100.
Shipping to: Worldwide (free)

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