tricot announced several weeks ago the release of their third full album, 3, which will be releasing on May 17. Now the music video for one of the title tracks, DeDeDe, has been revealed!

The music video is weird in the sense that it features nothing but the adventures of a red cube figuring out its way through a complicated maze. It looks more like it could have been a lyric video, but that doesn’t take away the greatness of the song! Check it out above.

the new album will be releasing in two different versions, the minimal version and the deluxe version. The minimal version contains 13 songs only, and is packaged in a simple case that does not even have an album art on it, but rather just the number three written on it with a marker, hence the “minimal” title. On the other hand, the deluxe version contains the same 13 songs but separated into three different discs, each disc attributed to the three members of the band, Nakajima Ikkyu, Kida Motifour, and Hiromi “hirohiro.” We assume this deluxe package will have a proper album art, as the official website marks this version as “now printing.” How excited are you for this new album? Let us know! Purchase links are not yet available, so check back with your favorite retailer soon!


Minimal edition


  1. Tokyo Vampire Hotel
  3. Yosoiki (よそいき)
  4. DeDeDe
  5. Skimmer(スキマ)
  6. pork side
  7. Pork Ginger (ポークジンジャー)
  8. echo (エコー)
  9. 18,19
  10. Namu (南無)
  12. Setsuyaku-ka (節約家)
  13. Melon Soda (メロンソーダ)

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Deluxe edition

CD 1 (Nakajima Ikkyu)

  1. Tokyo Vampire Hotel
  2. Setsuyaku-ka (節約家)
  3. Yosoiki (よそいき)
  4. Melon Soda (メロンソーダ)

CD 2 (Kida Motifour)

  1. 18, 19
  3. pork side
  4. Pork Ginger (ポークジンジャー)
  5. Namu (南無)

CD 3 (Hiromi “hirohiro”)

  2. Skimmer(スキマ)
  3. DeDeDe
  4. echo (エコー)

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