In the last stage of Golden Bomber’s promotion of the upcoming single #CD ga Urenai Konna Yononaka Ja, to realese on April 5, the band shows us how passionate and lascivious they can be in the new music video Amore.

This time the members are set in a scenario where fame, fortune, and love comes to play, in the setting of a typical 80s karaoke music video. To make it even more ridiculous and satirically, guitarist Yutaka, bassist Jun and drummer Kenji are dressed up in an athletic fashion of the 80s while dancing real goofy.

See how this dramatic love story resolves below:

Golden bomber also released a music video for the title track a few days earlier, sharing the same name of the release #CD ga Urenai Konna Yononaka Ja. It’s a really catchy rock song that sings farewell to CD sales, as it is no longer viable. Well, at least for most, but not for the girl group AKB48 as mentioned in the lyrics (who also happen to make ton of cash from faithful fans who literally buys hundreds of the same release). So to embrace the future of digital media, Golden Bomber actually released the title track for free on Amazon Japan.

However, the one part that stands out the most in this music video is the band’s constant, and desperate attempt to get you to reveal the “secret” behind the QR code. Do you want to know what it is? Keep reading…

We decided to take a snapshot where the QR code is displayed in the most appropriate way, no need to thank us, you’re welcome.

Whatever lies behind this QR code must be real important, right? Wait, why is that microphone angled this way?

To reveal the secret content behind the QR code, toggle the spoiler tag below:

#CD ga Urenai Konna Yononaka Ja


  1. #CD ga Urenai Konna Yononaka Ja
  2. Amore
  3. Attakai yo, Yuuji
  4. Sayonaramoiwazuni
  5. #CD ga Urenai Konna Yononaka Ja (original karaoke)
  6. Amore (original karaoke)
  7. Attakai yo, Yuuji (original karaoke)
  8. Sayonaramoiwazuni (original karaoke)

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