Esprit D’Air embarked on a two-day mini-tour in the UK, performing a headline show at London’s O2 Academy2 Islington, and The Ruby Lounge in Manchester supporting Courtesans the consecutive evening. When Esprit D’Air announced that they will be playing new songs, we all knew we were in for a treat. The band was joined by Ryo for both dates, who performed supporting rhythm guitar.

As the members graced the stage at the O2 Academy, they were welcomed with an excited cheer from the packed out London crowd. Esprit D’Air delivered an electrifying set, as the band immediately blasted off with Ignition, a new song that we assume is from their upcoming album. The song featured melodious synths, a big vocal chorus with a driving guitar riff and drum rhythms. It was then effortlessly followed by their latest single, Rebirth by which point, the crowd were massively into action—chanting, jumping and even singing along to the Japanese lyrics, enough to make the floor shake.

Esprit D'Air - O2 Academy2 Islington

Next up was Guiding Light, and another a new song called Starstorm, where Kai delivered soaring high-pitched vocals in both. The band proceeded to play a slow, dreamy ballad called Reminisce, which makes a total of four unreleased songs. They closed off the set with their old 2012 classics, The Hunter and Shizuku and left the crowd chanting for more. Unfortunately, due to the venue’s strict curfew policy, we couldn’t hear more.

After last Friday night’s performance, you can tell that the new and reformed Esprit D’Air is here to stay. I think we are going to hear a lot more from them as they announce more news of their upcoming album.

Their next single, Guiding Light will be out next week on April 12, so be sure to check that out!

Guiding Light

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  1. Guiding Light

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