In a rather late attempt at chariots promoting their new single, Succubus, out on April 5, the band have now released a preview chock full of visuals for both the title song and Marigold presented in the content above. Take a look and listen to decide if you like what you hear.


Regular edition


  1. Succubus
  2. Marigold
  3. Kisai (忌際) -LIVE ver. (First Press Edition only)
  4. Libido (リビドー) -LIVE ver.- (First Press Edition only)
  5. Senkou (閃光) -LIVE ver.- (First Press Edition only)
  6. Shinku ni Yurameku, Hakanaki Sekirei (深紅に揺らめく、儚き鶺鴒) -LIVE ver.- (First Press Edition only)

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