The run-up to their second consecutive single titled Nencahaku Gata Crazy Salt Iri Cookie, out on March 15, has triggered Lack-co. to take action and release the music video for Metsubo no Blues (滅亡のブルース)!

This shows the band members walking around in what seems like a park whiles vocalist Tenten gesticulates in a very cool manner while walking about from place to place and of course, they also perform the song in front of a bookcase.

The calm and slow song calls from close-ups, separate videos in one frame and casual clothing which is welcoming change despite not releasing all that much so far. Take a look at some of the screenshots from the music video along with its preview below!

Guitarist milk and SAN pulling their best performance faces while vocalist Tenten crouches elsewhere.

Bassist Ivy and the two guitarists milk and SAN all thinking the deepest of thoughts.

Nenchaku Gata Crazy Salt Iri Cookie

Regular edition

  1. Kojin ni Zonjimasu (幸甚に存じます)
  2. Camaro69′
  3. Metsubo no Blues (滅亡のブルース)

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Limited edition

  1. Ningen Hakurankai (人間博覧会)
  2. Camaro69′
  3. Metsubo no Blues (滅亡のブルース)

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