When browsing CDJapan’s deals you would expect all kind Japanese nerdy goods. Coming by western related products such as Star Wars, Avengers etc. is a surprise to no one (seeing that Japanese toy maker Bandai now owns a license to produce Star Wars kits). But what we accidentally stumbled upon from CDJapan’s Hobby Store Weekly Staff Pick was the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in all its plastic glory! The action figure even comes with some very fancy clothing and accessory. So if anyone is interested, you can preorder it today and receive it next month, in April. However, it doesn’t just stop there!

The company DID who produces these action figures also have a Donald Trump figure lining up which is going to be released in the same month. That one has apparently been sold out for a while now! Putin is not gonna be happy hearing about this defeat.

So now you know, the next time you want to purchase your plastic president, CDJapan is your place…

Vladimir Putin in a serious pose, comes with a nice set of clothing and a silver-colored watch.

Donald Trump even comes with the signature cap “Make America Great Again”

More info:
CDJapan’s Hobby Store Weekly Staff Pick
DID Official Website
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