Things just turned suddenly bad for Synk;yet within a couple of weeks, as the band just announced that they will go on indefinite hiatus in order to rethink the future of the band. Their last one-man, THE REQUIEM OF HOLY GLOW, will take place at Takadanobaba AREA on May 21.

Let’s catch up with the recent events. The band had recently announced a new single and the comeback of their bass player, Shiori, who had been inactive for a while due to health issues. Everything seemed to be more than fine, however, all that glitters is not gold, as the band’s record label, Starwave Records, discovered that guitarist Rino was involved into irregular activities such as planning musical activities with other record companies and using fans for money requests in secret. Obviously, these activities are against their contract and he has been consequently fired.

The band will stay as four members and fulfill all their scheduled performances until their final day with the help of guitarist Rin from Misaruka.

The band has not specified how long this pause will take, nor has it revealed any new information on the yet to be released single. Now, we have just to wait patiently and look forward to their reunion.

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