The next coming weeks will see Arlequin release two singles in tandem on March 1, but as the band has already revealed the music video preview for their red-themed single Makka na Uso, they have now done the same for the black-themed Kageboshi!

Here the members are performing while photography umbrellas flash, turn off and vary in brightness. It is also a lot more intense and emotionally demanding, adopting an aggressive sound that warrants the need for sudden movements by some of the members.

Along with their costumes and the short animation that features, this fits the theme of Kageboshi well, which translates to “shadow-maker” or “silhouette” in English. See the preview for it above.


Regular Edition


  1. Kageboshi (影法師)
  2. lullaby
  3. MAZE

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Limited Edition


  1. Kageboshi (影法師)
  2. lullaby


  1. Kageboshi (影法師) music video and making of

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