Many ALSDEAD fans have probably been anticipating the band’s comeback ever since theiy announced their hiatus, and they probably played with your feelings a bit when they finally announced a live last year, but not a return from their break.

Today we bring you two news: the first, ALSDEAD is no more. The second one: the same members from ALSDEAD have reformed as AllS! They have even announced their first live already, in Saber Tiger’s movement, Gaon act.2in which bands like exist trace, Mary’s Blood, and now AllS will be taking part on April 1. The announcement for this event brings forth the band’s new name and logo, where “ex-ALSDEAD” is underneath the name:

AllS’ new logo

Furthermore, the band’s official twitter has now also been changed to fit the new name of the band, and for now this technically is also the only official source of the band, as they still do not have a new official website, nor have the individual members’ twitter changed yet, so check it out! This announcement is sure to bring releases in the very near future, so be on the look out for that on JROCKNEWS!

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