Following their early released first full album, young band LONDBOY is promoting the release of their third single, titled Exe (エグゼ), with a music video! The single is coming out on January 18. The band will have their second one-man tour Re;bonds.exe a week after the release date, starting on January 26 at Takadanobaba AREA. The tour final will take place at the same venue on March 17.

The single will come in limited and regular editions. The first contains a bonus track in addition to the A-side and includes the music video for the title-track, while the latter will include three bonus songs instead. Find the previews for the b-sides at the end of the music video.

It is not specified if the single will be available at general stores, but it will be ready for purchase on digital platforms such as iTunes store, Amazon Music, Google Play music and LINE music, or at the band’s web shop.

Furthermore, the band has made some changes in regards to their media services. A new YouTube channel has been created and inaugurated with the music video posted above. Previously, you could find LONDBOY’s music videos at their label’s channel, B.P Records. They have also opened a new website and unveiled their new look:

LONDBOY’s new colorful look!

Vocalist ROY

Guitarist Rio (りお)

Guitarist Kanade (かなで)

Bassist Teika (帝華)

Drummer & pianist Ryoga (玲牙)

Exe (エグゼ)

Regular edition


  1. Exe (エグゼ)
  2. daze
  3. Nakano Holm Jelly (中野ホルムゼリー)
  4. Die’s M

Buy at LONDBOY’s webshop

Limited edition


  1. Exe (エグゼ)
  2. daze


  1. Exe (エグゼ) music video
  2. Exe (エグゼ) making of
  3. Special video

Buy at LONDBOY’s webshop

Digital edition

  1. Exe (エグゼ)
  2. daze
  3. Nakano Holm Jelly (中野ホルムゼリー)
  4. Die’s M

Buy at iTunes JP, Google Play, Amazon music or LINE music

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