Zin (ジン) announced their disbandment as well as their plan for a new band last month. Just as promised, they revealed the details on New Year’s Day. We’re happy to introduce you to Yusai (游彩)! They will release their first single Airaku Nise Kokoro (アイラク偽心) on March 1. Check the preview for the music video of the title song above! Don’t you agree that they did keep a very similar “Zin sound”?

Yusai logo

Yusai (游彩)’s band logo

Vocalist Luy changed his stage name to Rui Amane (雨音 類), while the other members continue with the same names they used for Zin.

Yusai also revealed their live schedule, which can be found here. They will be performing with bands such as GLAM [email protected], Zonbi (ぞんび), Smileberry, Kra, CLØWD, REIGN, SCAPEGOAT, Anfiel (アンフィル), Belle (ベル), Chanty and more throughout Japan from January 8 until July 2.

Check the band’s new look below and let us know what you think of their fresh start!

Yusai's first look

Yusai’s first look

Yusai Rui Amane Airaku Nise Kokoro

Vocalist Rui Amane (雨音 類)

Yusai Yoshi Airaku Nise Kokoro

Guitarist Yoshi (慶)

Yusai Orochi Airaku Nise Kokoro

Bassist Orochi (大蛇)

Yusai Saku Airaku Nise Kokoro

Drummer Saku (沙久)

Airaku Nise Kokoro (アイラク偽心)


Edition A


  1. Airaku Nise Kokoro (アイラク偽心)
  2. Shoku Kure (色暮)


  1. Airaku Nise Kokoro (アイラク偽心) -music video-

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Edition B


  1. Airaku Nise Kokoro (アイラク偽心)
  2. Shoku Kure (色暮)
  3. Jidanda Jokyoku (地団駄序曲)

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More info:
Official Website
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Twitter (Yoshi (慶))
Twitter (Orochi (大蛇))
Twitter (Saku (沙久))

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