Back in October we wrote an article about the multi-talented Ena Fujita (藤田恵名) who also goes by the name MC Bikini. She released her first EP “EVIL IDOL SONG” with JPU Records so check that out!

From humble beginnings, she spent several years putting out her music independently, performing on the streets with just a guitar, amp and her pink, gem encrusted microphone. She also performed at various indie music events and clubs while paying bills as a gravure idol. She is rearing to show the world what she can do so today we are lucky to speak to the lovely Ena Fujita.


Hello, please could you introduce yourself to the JROCK NEWS readers and tell us one thing you cannot live without?
I’m Ena Fujita! I work as the best “singing song writing gravure idol in Japan! I can’t live without my live shows and the money it makes!

Congratulations on your latest release “EVIL IDOL SONG”, can you tell us about this EP?
I made this as the theme song for a movie that I starred in (Hajime Ohata’s EVIL IDOL SONG). I wanted to make an album that would crush the public image that I have had until now, and through a lot of hard work finally reached something that I was happy with.

Which song from the EP are you most proud of? Which one would you like our readers to listen to the most?
My favourite song is the first song on the album, “EVIL IDOL SONG”. It’s a song that I only just completed after butting heads with the film’s director Hajime Ohata.

When writing a track, what is your process?
I start off humming some chords when I’m doing stuff like bathing or washing the dishes. Then I perfect the chords on the guitar and add a melody.

What would you say is the toughest part of your job?
Nothing in particular!

What inspired you to become a musician?
When I sang the Sailor Moon theme song for my mum she really complimented me. I wanted her to compliment me more, so I kept singing.

You’ve performed both on stage and on the streets, do you have any funny or memorable stories you can tell us about?
On stage I got really into a performance once and intended to spray water from my mouth onto the crowd… except I got it on the speakers near my feet and had to replace them. On the streets I was just so happy that people who didn’t even know me would stop and listen to my music. I was so happy that I could make money from selling my CDs to them.

You seem to always perform with a pink microphone with gems on! Where did you get this from and is there a story behind it?
It’s a BETA57 mic decorated at a nail salon. It was a birthday present from my family.

If you can collaborate with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?
I love Katy Perry’s songs and worldview. I liked her even more after I saw a documentary about her too, so her for one. Secondly Barbie, because I love Barbie too, especially after I saw her in Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar. Lastly, Lady Gaga because of the time she took her clothes off to get people to pay attention to her in a small venue.

We’ve seen that you have making an impact with your skills in modelling and now also in music. What does success mean to you?
To hear my music being played in different places and for lots of people to know my name.

When you have a bad day, how do you cheer yourself up?
I’m good at cheering others up, but when it comes to me I just stay annoyed until bed.

Do you have a motto you live by in life?
Always endeavour to be as cute as possible.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would you like to play?
I’d love to sing in Buckingham Palace.

Are there any exciting plans for your music next year you can tell us about?
Of course I’m going to keep on making music, but I’ve also decided to enter an all-female rap battle. It’s going to be at Shibuya VUENOS on January 29, 2017! I’m going to be performing there as MC Bikini a.k.a Ena Fujita.

One of our writers here is a big fan of yours, could you send a special message out to your fans aboard?
I’m honoured to be here having this interview with you, and I’m so happy that one of your writers is a fan!!! Although some people may think that singing in swimwear is kinda shameful, and people often made fun of me or looked down on me, I’m really glad that I persevered and came this far. Thank you for finding out about me!

We’d like to thank Ena Fujita and JPU Records for making this interview possible. Please check out her latest EP “EVIL IDOL SONG” and let us know what you think!



  1. Evil Idol Song
  2. Koboreru Highlight
  3. Anoko No Shojijyou
  4. Kanaria
  5. Amaiwana

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