Exclusively on JROCKNEWS.com, we are proud to present to you the explosive preview of Esprit D’Air’s upcoming single, Rebirth! We also had the opportunity to speak to the band and get to know them a little more.

The band recently announced a mini tour in Paris and London, and have made a successful appearance at the main stage of HYPER JAPAN Festival at Olympia, London in July earlier this year. Their comeback single, Rebirth has been eagerly anticipated by fans of old and new, and will be released worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. JPU Records (the GazettE, POLYSICS, Crystal Lake) describe the band as “producing tracks that excite us much more than any recent visual-kei or J-Rock from Japan”.

How does it feel to be making a comeback?
Kai: It is like we are picking up from where we have left off three years ago. I have the same passion and drive that I did back then—maybe even more now. We are going to work so hard!
Ellis: I am excited. When we went into hiatus, it felt like we had so much unfinished business to take care of!

Kai, how are you feeling now that you are also the lead vocalist?
Kai: It is my first time singing in a band. I have always been able to sing, but I just wanted to be known as a guitarist—now, I really enjoy singing. I just hope that my voice will give the band a fresh new sound that people can enjoy.

Earlier this year, you headlined at a one-off charity concert in London, in aid of Aoba-gakuen, an orphanage in Fukushima. How did that go?
Kai: It was a great experience for a great cause. The crowd were wonderful to us and it was great to see so many people there supporting it. We had a great response from the charity and they are very happy with the donations. We are looking to more charity shows to help this cause.
Ellis: Loved every moment of it. The crowd was great and we gave it our very best for a good cause. We hope we have made a difference to the families and friends of the victims in Japan.

How does the sound of “Rebirth” differ from your past work?
Kai: It is similar to our past work, where we have fused aggressive metal with melody, but we have pushed further to add more interesting elements like more electronics, differing time signatures and a wider range with the vocal.

What has been the biggest challenge for you or the group?
Kai: Our line-up has changed a lot, due to members going back to Japan leaving us to split up in 2013, but luckily we haven’t lost any composers. Daishi, Ellis and myself composed all of the music past and present, so I think we can still achieve our same sound.

Do you have a formal music education?
Kai: I do. I studied guitar and music in London. The best part of it is that I met the band in London, and I got to discover the city and the music scene.

Are there any countries you would like to tour?
Kai: We are going to France for the first time next month. I would love to visit Spain again, and also other countries in Europe.

Are there any funny stories you could tell us which happened during tours?
Ellis: We had roses thrown at us on stage when we were playing in Spain one day. I was truly touched.
Kai: We almost missed our flight for one of our Spain tours because we were playing with the travelator in the airport… It would have been very unfortunate because we played some of our favourite shows there!

For the budding musicians on our website, do you have any advice for them?
Ellis: Never give up.
Prepare to put in a lot of time and hard work. Follow your own personal path and not others’ musical journey, and just be yourself.

Is there a message you’d like to make to our JROCKNEWS.com readers?
Kai: We hope you enjoy our preview of Rebirth—it will be out very soon!
Ellis: If you haven’t seen us play, come along to one of our shows in future. If you have seen us play, keep attending our shows.

Upcoming shows:

December 17, 2016 – Le Trianon, Paris
December 18, 2016 – Zigfrid von Underbelly, London (Tickets)


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