The glorious DIR EN GREY just a announced that they will release a new single in July and a live DVD and Blu-ray featuring their show at Nippon Budokan, the live they held last weekend! Alongside this wonderful news, the guys also revealed a new monotone look, check it out down below!

After an astonishing tour final at Nippon Budokan last weekend, the five-man band took us all by surprise and announced on their website a new untitled single release, at the same time also providing information on the DVD and blu-ray release “ARCHE at Nippon Budokan” that will cover the recent tour. The information on the bands 28th single, and so far untitled, reveals that its availability is expected to be in July, but the exact day is still unknown. We are sure to await something new and innovative, as stated by the band:

This much anticipated release will be a new chapter for DIR EN GREY as the curtains just came down for “ARCHE” at the Budokan.

As for the DVD and blu-ray ARCHE at Nippon Budokan, it will be available later this year in June. Further details such as the exact release date, tracklist and artwork will be announced at a later date.

DIR EN GREY held their live performance ARCHE last weekend, on February 5 and 6 at Nippon Budokan, to celebrate the release of their 9th studio album ARCHE, almost a year after its initial release. This has now become kind of a tradition, with its provenance tracking back to the final live of the UROBOROS -with the proof in the name of living…- tour, with tickets running out in mere 15 minutes. Unfortunately, this time only the second live show (on February 6) was completely sold out.

Releases aside, the band will also set out on a tour called TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of VULGAR]. Later, the band will celebrate two additional tours; mode of DUM SPIRO SPERO in September and mode of Kisou (鬼葬)  in November, although the dates those two yet to be announced.

TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of VULGAR]

6/3 (Fri) Aichi, Zepp Nagoya
6/4 (Sat) Aichi Prefecture, Zepp Nagoya
6/11 (Sat) Miyagi, Sendai PIT
6/12 (Sun) Miyagi, Sendai PIT
6/16 (Thu) Osaka, Namba Hatch
6/17 (Fri) Osaka, Namba Hatch
6/19 (Sun) Okayama, Kurashiki Geibunkan
7/1 (Fri) Tokyo, Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
7/2 (Sat) Tokyo] Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
OPEN / START 17: 15/18: 00
6/3, 16, 17; 7/1 – 18: 15/19: 00

dir en grey tour 2016

Promotional poster of the band’s upcoming tours.

dir en grey budokan exhibition

Exhibition of the instrument set of the member and sculpture of the artwork from “ARCHE”.

The band also just revealed a monotone look! Vocalist Kyo’s mask sure reminds us of the one used in their music video OBSCURE, from their 2003 album VULGAR.

DIR EN GREY july single 2016

DIR EN GREY’s new look.

DIR EN GREY july single 2016 kyo

Vocalist Kyo (京)

DIR EN GREY july single 2016 die

Guitarist Die

DIR EN GREY july single 2016 kaoru

Guitarist Kaoru (薫)

DIR EN GREY july single 2016 toshiya

Bassist Toshiya

DIR EN GREY july single 2016 shinya

Drummer Shinya

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