It was announced at RoNo☆Cro one-man live at TSUTAYA O-West on January 8th that their new mini album “This is RoNo☆Cro” will be released on March 26th (2 Types).

Type A (2,940yen) will include CD (5 songs)+DVD (including PV), and Type B (2,520yen) will include CD (6 songs) only.

Their live-limited single “ハニカミBirthday(Honey coming Birthday)” will
be released at 玲音(Reon) birthday presents live at OSAKA RUIDO on February 18th (1,200yen)

1- ハニカミBirthday (Honey coming Birthday)
2- I can fly

By the way they will hold their one-man live “革命 COUNT DOWN(Kakumei COUNT
DOWN)” at Shinsaibashi CLAPPER on May 4th, “Breaking The Habit” at
Nagoya ell.SIZE on May 5th and “The END of D” at Daikanyama UNIT on May 25th.


Tracklist of their upcoming mini-album has been revealed!

1- タイムカプセル (Time Capsule)
2- コイバナ (Koibana) (Rearrange ver.)
3- 雷帝ドリーマー (Raitei Dreamer) (Rearrange ver.)
4- メアリー(Mary)~the Garden of Lilith~
5- だけどシンプルなひとつの「」 (Dakedo simple na hitotsu no 「」)
6- エンドレスシーズン (Endless Season) (Rearrange ver.) ( Type B)
1- タイムカプセル (Time Capsule) (PV)

By the way, this is their new look (picture above^)!

Credits: Trombe via MH

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